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الأربعاء، 6 يناير 2021

Restilen for Stress


>>Restilen for Stress<<

Restilen is for everyone who has ever felt stress, anxiety or nervousness and wants to relieve the stress.

1- Increases resistance to stress

2- Helps maintain a positive mood

3- Reduces stress symptoms

4- Reduces fatigue and exhaustion

5- Supports the maintenance of energy and vitality

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Our body struggles with stress every day. Its intensity can be different, the time of negative factors affecting our nervous system can also vary. Short-term stress is sometimes motivating and is one of the main developmental factors. Unfortunately, sometimes stress factors leave their mark on our bodies, contributing to many diseases.

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    Restilen contains a number of ingredients beneficial to mental health and well-being, including: Serenzo™, KSM-66®, Saffr'Activ®, SOD B Extramel®

    Serenzo is a uniquely composed extract of sweet orange peel [20% limonene], whose properties have been scientifically proven.

    Serenzo acts on the neuronal level, regulating the activity of these receptors. The complex is recognized by the A2A receptor as adenosine and combines with it, blocking both its action and inhibiting the D2 receptor. In this way, Serenzo™ actively regulates the stress level.

    The effectiveness of Serenzo has been confirmed in a clinical trial conducted on 40 people aged 18-60 years old.

    The experiment lasted 12 weeks. Based on normative psychological questionnaires (Symptom Checklist 90 R, Hamilton HAM Anxiety Scale, Chronic Stress Screening Scale) and physiological markers, Serenzo™ was shown to have a positive effect after only 6 weeks.

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